Tap on a circle to activate a note. Tap on a triangle to activate the three notes in a triad. Tapping on an active note or a triad causes the note or notes to turn off.

When you tap on a triad while there are currently active voices Lattice Harmony will calculate the smoothest way to transition from the currently active notes to the new triad.

Octave Shifting

When you tap on a note Lattice Harmony automatically chooses its octave. The octave of an active note can be changed by long pressing on the voice marker above the active note. After .25 seconds slide your finger up or down to shift the octave of the note up or down.

Voice Dragging

You can drag an active voice marker to a new note by dragging and dropping. The voice will begin playing the new note when it is dropped on to the new note.

Triad Panning

Drag your finger across the lattice to trace out a chord progression. Lattice Harmony will automatically determine how the voices should move to ensure smooth sounding harmonic progressions.