Remote Connection

Follow the steps below to connect Lattice Harmony to a computer running OS X via a WiFi network.


1. First make sure that both your iPad and the OS X computer you will be connecting to are on the same WiFi network.

2. From the Lattice Harmony settings menu enable network input setting the Network Input/Output switch to the On position.


3. Go to Applications > Utilities > Audio Midi Setup.

Create a MIDI network session by clicking the plus button below the Sessions window.


4. You should see the name of your iPad should appear in the Directory window.

In the Directory window click on your iPad then click on the connect button.

The name of your iPad should now appear in the Participants window.

Your OS X computer is now connected to Lattice Harmony.


5. Finally you will need to connect connect a music program such as Logic or Ableton, or an instrument capable of generating MIDI events. Consult the documentation for the specific audio program or instrument you wish to use and follow the instructions for setting connecting to the MIDI network session you created in step 3.