The Harmonic Lattice is an app for iPad makes musical harmony a visual and interactive experience. Notes and chords are arranged on a two-dimensional triangular grid known as a tonnetz according to their harmonic similarities and their relationship to the tonic note. Chord progressions can be generated by interacting with the lattice using an intuitive multi-touch interface. MIDI messages (from a file or from an instrument) can be sent wirelessly to The Harmonic Lattice to generate a live animation of the harmonic structure of a piece of music.


Generate Harmonies

  • Dozens of instruments make it possible to generate harmonies suitable for any style or genre of music.
  • Use The Harmonic Lattice as a MIDI controller. Wirelessly connect to MIDI enabled synthesizers via WiFi.
  • Algorithms automatically calculate the smoothest transitions between chords or voice leadings.
  • Animated voice leadings
  • Use the multi-touch interface to manually control how a chord is voiced

Visualize Harmonic Motion

  • Visualize the harmonic structure of MIDI files and live MIDI events
  • Connect to The Harmonic Lattice wirelessly via WiFi.

Explore Microtonal Harmony

  • The Harmonic Lattice enables hands on exploration of just intonation

  • Compare how a harmony sounds in just intonation and in equal temprament by flipping a switch